Perceptions is a short film that takes a raw and honest look into the heartbeat of our society’s ongoing battle between law enforcement and in large part, black America. It’s no secret that tempers are flared and the climate is ripe for potentially making any police involved incident a volatile confrontation. The perspective of the community and law enforcement  couldn’t be further apart, with many in the black community perceiving cops to be more loyal to their badge than fighting for those in need. This film asks and theoretically answers a simple question; “what would it take for an officer to cross that blue line of loyalty?” Perceptions looks to be a weapon to incite a much needed discussion.


Directed by Charles Jones, written by Chad Quinn, produced by Dale Stelly, DoP Dana Rice, music by Dinky Bingham – featuring Charles Malik Whitfield, Malinda Williams, Omarr Salgado, Vida Guerra, Fernando Chien, Alimi Ballard, Wendy Davis, Terrell Tilford, Edward Fordham, Cisco Reyes and Nelcie Souffrant.

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